Virtual Cathode Deposition

Thin Film manufacturing technique

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new VCD tool prototype

The Depositron

VCD is

a new patented technology to make a thin film coating of any material

  • VCD is a vacuum plasma technology similar to PLD- but uses a powerful e-beam instead of a laser
  • Virtual plasma cathode is the heart of VCD - it generates an e-beam of >1kA@20keV focused to <1mm on the target

Depositron Solo parameters

Benefits of VCD

Deposition temperature <60ᵒC due to short pulse duration

High deposition rate due to high pulse energy/repetition rate

High quality of film (same as PLD’s or better)

Industrialisation (Simplicity, reliability & scalability)

Virtual Plasma Cathode is the electron beam source of the Depositron

Virtual Plasma Cathode – originates from a plasma that temporarily appears in front of the target, generates an e-beam and then disappears for each pulse. So it:

  • has practically infinite lifetime
  • is easy-to-scale for extremely high pulse power and repetition rate
  • is highly efficient and reliable

Virtual Plasma Cathode

Driving Force

Dmitry Yarmolich

Founder and CEO

Dmitry Yarmolich

Dmitry Yarmolich holds PhD in physics from Israeli Institute of Technology.

More than 15 years hands-on experience in plasma applications and theoretical research of plasma is accomplished by more than 20 scientific publications and 2 patents applications.

Denis Yarmolich

Investor and Advisor

Denis Yarmolich

Denis Yarmolich holds MSc in applied math and physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology followed by post-graduating in Institute of Numerical Mathematics Russian Academy of Science.

He has a great experience in emerging markets trading which he gained working as a director at Barclays Capital.

Phil Taylor


Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is responsible for identifying new partners and applications for VCD technology.

Phil also has experience of raising VC funding for start-ups, and has advised companies on investor-readiness and project management.

He holds a PhD in high temperature diamond processing from University College London and a BSc in Biochemistry from Imperial College London, and has 10 years experience in diamond related R&D.

He holds several patents in diamond annealing and growth and has hands-on experience of IP management.

Products & Services

Laboratory-scale depositron

Industrial depositron

Tailor-made deposition process

Contact us to inquire details of VCD thin film deposition

For industrial scale

Of all types of materials
(conductor, dielectric, semiconductor)

On different substrates
including plastics

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